FTLab has been started a research and development company based on electronic physics.
Since its establishment in 2001, we have been developing various R&D equipment more than
100 kinds that require high-precision measurement technology such as Display research and
Plasma generation and Diagnostics equipment.
Especially, we have developed universal TSP inspection device for mass production and
BMS inspection device for the secondary battery, we have been engaged in B2B business.
Recently, we are developing various smart sensor technologies to measure invisible hazard
such as radioactivity, electromagnetic waves, Radon and so on.
As a result, we developed various smart checkers that can easily measure real-time using
smart phone, and launched SMART FTLAB in 2014. The cumulative sales volume of these
smart checkers reached 50,000 in online malls such as Amazon, eBay.
And we succeeded in developing a real-time Radon sensor in 2015, and also succeeded in mass production
in 2016, we launched RADON FTLAB. We will soon be introducing a variety of products and services using
this real-time radon sensor. We set a goal of  “Smart sensor for a safe world against invisible dangers” and
start to make 
a new leap through the spread of related sensors and applications.
Thank you.